A fancy sushi spot

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Hello my friends, this evening I found some time to tell you about this really cool restaurant I tried with my wife a few days ago. It’s my first post about food, so why not starting from this one! Before I start let me also tell you I’m a person that eats everything and everywhere :) And as you can guess I’m a sushi lover! There are many delicious spots you can try in the city. The place I tried is called Bond St. The ambience of this place is actually very nice. As soon as you get in there are some tables in a sort of elegant/dark environment. I couldn‘t reserve a table here but this was actually a luck since they made us sit in front of some Japanese awssome chef that were preparing incredbile sushi plates right in front of our eyes!

The tuna tartare and another 6 specials rolls plates were some of the extremely good plates we tried.

Service was honestly impeccable.

I don’t have any interests related to their service but I would honestly suggest to try it especially if you want to celebrate a special occasion! if there‘s any special Japanese restaurants you like, please share it with us!

Talk soon,




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