A nice walk in the snow

Hello friends, it's been a while since my previous post. I've been looking for a new apartment and that has taken sooo much of my free time!

Yesterday morning, Saturday March 2nd 2019, I was one of the happiest men in NY! Why? Because I've been wanting to walk around NY with the snow and so far this winter has only snowed during the week when I had to go to work!

Friday evening I sort of knew it would have snowed the whole night so I prepared a nice walking tour for myself to go and see some of my favorite spots in the West Village.

I currently live in Murray Hill so I decided to walk across town, destination Chelsea to have first a quick warm coffee at my favorite gelato's shop, Amorino, managed by my lovely friend Erica. If you have the chance to stop by, you should try her coconut and pistacchio gelato... insane!! And tell her Andrea sends you there!

Best gelato in town! Amorino

You can tell from this video how people work hard since very early to remove the snow from the sidewalks!

From here, I walked by the Chelsea Market (I should probably talk about it in another post!), destination West Village. Somehow, my attention was captured by this really nice side door on 15th street between 9th and 10th avenue. How cute is it?!

Chelsea Market side entrance on 15th street

I wish I had a better camera to show how pretty this street is, especially when it snows...

If I could, I would have liked to walk up the High Line and take a few shots from there, but it was still too early and it was closed. Finding myself at the corner of 13th street and 9th avenue, my adventure in the West Village just started!

If I have to say it out loud, my dream is one day to live around there. It's just...so romantic, so nice, so charmy, so unique...oh boy...I love that area!

The picture below for example shows Horatio Street. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that was a street with such name. I think the fact I'm trying to explore the city with more attention and share my discoveries with you all is also allowing me to learn more about NYC!

Horatio Street - West Village

Below is a couple of simple shot taken on 12th street. Perhaps it's just me, but I really like the architecture, the style of every single corner of this neighbor.

..and like if it was not enough, I also found this really nice apartment I saw on Instagram a million times and never figured it was in the West Village! The door with Peace and Love drawn on it! You should have seen my smiley face when I saw it!

Next check in my list... get a dog and walk around this area like the lady in the video below :)))

Oh, by the way, I love dogs!!

I could probably go on and on to show you all the many pictures I took yesterday but perhaps you may get a little bored. For this reason, there are two last things I'd like to show you.

The first one is the Twin Houses of Commerce Street.

Twin Houses of Commerce Street

Numbers 39 and 41 Commerce Street, built in 1831 when the village of Greenwich was transitioning from a suburb to part of the larger city, are twin separate stand-alone houses, joined together by a small shared garden behind a concrete wall.

The enchanting tale tells of a sea captain with two feuding daughters.  He built them matching houses joined by a walled garden with few windows on the garden sides so the sisters would not have to see one another.

It is a wonderful story.  But it's not true.

In fact the two houses were built as an investment in 1832 by a New Jersey milkman, Peter Huyler.

The houses provided Huyler with a steady income as he rented them to middle-class families. 

There's another really place around here that I really like and that wanted to share with you guys: Grove Court. I'm sure you've seen it already on some magazines!

Nestled between Numbers 10 and 12 Grove Street, one of the most charming streets of the West Village, is a row of six, brick-faced townhouses, sitting serenely in an ivy-laden patch of land.  Welcome to Grove Court, one of several private courts scattered throughout the City.

Grove Court - West Village

The six townhouses, completed between 1853 and 1854, were the brainchild of an enterprising businessman named Samuel Cocks. Cocks' eponymous grocery was located at the corner of Grove and Bedford Street.  What better way, he reasoned, to attract even more customers to his place of business, than by building a row of houses for tradesmen and laborers who, as luck had it, would end up patronizing his store. 

Difficult to believe, but Grove Court was the last place one would want to live in mid-19th Century New York City.  It lacked all the vestiges of  respectability - the houses were small, lacked the stoops so common among the brownstones of the day, and, most glaringly, were devoid of any prestigious street frontage.  They were, in short, "backhouses" designed to house the poor of the City. 

Times have changed . . . Grove Court is now one of the most coveted row of townhouses in the West Village; a private enclave that, somewhat like Gramercy Park, is inaccessible unless you have access to one of the coveted keys that unlock its solitary, narrow gateway.

New York Eyes is still here trying to show you how it looks like!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Talk soon,


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