An amazing burger in a super cool location!

Hello friends,

I hope your enjoying the summer all around the world!

Today I would like to share with a fantastic and unexpected experience I had about a couple of days ago..

So what happened? :)

I finished to work a little late and I meet my wife and her two nieces (Oriana and Ivana) around 9.00pm in the evening.

Oriana proposed to go to a burger place she tried some time ago and, since I was quite tired, I was tried to convince them to stay home :D

Well, I'm glad to say they convinced me to go there.

Oriana new this place called AuCheval Diner.

This place is located in Chinatown, in a very hidden "street" called Cortland Alley.

I have to admit I've never ever been there before!

This alley is extremely unique. It made me feel I was in one of those old New York movies with gangsters on the streets! Lol, ok, this location was super quite and safe, but I loved the feeling.

This is how this alley, almost at 10pm looked like:

Cortland Alley (not edited photo)

Cortland Alley (not edited photo)

I know, you may look at these pictures and say " this doesn't look nice!".

However, believe me, a few murals, the quiet alley with night light... everything was so cool and unique!

I wish I took some videos but I was so tired I didn't think about it!

Once inside, the vibe of this place was also extremely cozy, elegant, and somehow mysterious.

The place was dark so not easy to take good pictures with my iPhone but these are two photos I managed to take:

AuCheval Diner - How it looks like inside

AuCheval Diner - How it looks like inside

Anyway, the burger they have here is absolutely INSANE! It was soooo good! I had a double burger with bacon... hell yeah forget about the diet!

This is how my burger looked like:

Burger at AuCheval Diner

Burger at AuCheval Diner

Alright, that's all for today. I have to thank Oriana for dragging us there!

I hope if you'll ever feel in need of a burger you'll go and check out this place!

I hope you could post a message below if there are great burger places you would suggest me to go :)

Thank you so much as always for reading my blog.

Talk soon,


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