Audrey Hepburn Mural

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Two weeks ago I was walking around Little Italy, looking for a place with good coffee. It happened I walked by Mulberry Street and I almost forgot the beauty of this graffiti: Audrey Hepburn Mural.

Apparently it was painted in 2013, when many talented people participated in the L.I.S.A. (Little Italy Street Art) Project, an initiative that brings together a diverse group of street artists.

To tell you the truth, you could find some really cool pictures about it on:

I just wanted to share it with you so that next time you'll be in NYC you won't forget to see it!

I also recently created a small instagram account called @newyorkeyes_graffiti in which I want to focus purely and only on NY graffiti, for those of you particularly interested in this topic.

As a side note, for those of you passionate about graffiti and murals, I also recently launched a small Instagram account called @newyorkeyes_graffiti .

I hope you'll enjoy it!


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