Chicken wings on a rainy night!

Hi friends, time for a new post on my blog!

New York has recently been extremely warm and humid, giving us day of amazing bright sun to extremely rainy days like yesterday.

This is summer in New York. Hot, a lot of fun and activities, and also very humid.

Yesterday, me and my wife were craving for some chicken wings.

I know, some of you, probably originally from Europe like me (as a reminder, I'm originally Italian!) don't even know here in the U.S. we can have chicken wings for dinner!

Well, I have to admit, even if it's not the most recommended food for a diet, it's really good and tasty!

Now, you have two options, depending on you prefer.

You could either go to a usually crowded and loud bar, with some good music, and enjoy food there...or you could try something different.

Thanks to Oriana's recommendation (she's my wife nice!) we went for the first time to this place called Chicken Jazz Turntable, on 33rd street, between 5th avenue and 6th avenue.

I have to admit, I loved this place!

It's a fusion of Asian and American food.

The play some sort of Jazz music, and the quality of the food is fantastic!

The following video shows briefly what was on the menu...


I'm sure you all now want to see a picture of the chicken wings.

Shame on me, I managed to take only a low quality picture, due also to the fact, I was extremely hungry! Anyway, I'll share the picture I took with you :)

Last but not least, I have to show you also how crazy the weather was! It was literally pouring down :)

Well, I hope at least I managed to make you laugh a tiny bit!

Talk soon,



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