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In today's post I would like to tell you a little bit about Tudor City, an apartments complex located on a low cliff, which is east of Second Avenue between 40th and 43rd Streets and overlooks First Avenue. Before I continue with my post, I'd like to explain what the goal of this post is: share with you some brief and simple information of this location. You can probably find way more detailed facts on Wikipedia and other websites, explained with quite a complex English. Hence, I would simply like to share with you some key and hopefully interesting facts!

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1. First of all, there's a giant neon "Tudor City" sign on East 42nd Street to indicate the presence of this residential community in New York City.

Tudor City giant neon!

2. This elevated neighborhood is only accessible via ramps and staircases, and that's one of the reasons is very quiet and hidden.

3. One of the residents describes it as “It’s a quiet neighborhood built over the busiest street in the world and you would never know it was here"

4. The area where Tudor City is located was once called Prospect Hill. It was not a very pleasant part of New York, and of top of this noisy elevated trains ran up and down Second and Third avenues.

5. It was developed in the ealy 90s as a middle class “suburb” in Manhattan so the city could remain economically diverse.

6. Tudor City opened its doors in 1927, thanks to developer Fred Fillmore French. When construction was finished, Tudor City boasted 3,000 apartments and 600 hotel rooms, spread among nine buildings.

7. In the years following the Second World War, the enclave became something of a red light district.

8. The enclave was declared a New York City Historic District in 1988.

9. Tudor City is named for the Tudor period in English history, from 1485 to 1603. The architecture is called Tudor Revival but in reality it is a mix of other styles used in England in the early part of the sixteenth century, mixed with Elizabethan details of the latter part of the 1500s.

10. Tudor City was built concurrently with several of New York City’s outlying neighborhoods like Sutton Place, located between East 54th Street and East 60th Street.

11. It's located next to the United Nations' building, close to the East River. Hence, people going to see Tudor City should also take the time to visit the UN palace.

12. This location is very famous amongst photographers because that's one of the best spot to capture Manhattanhenge!

Last but not least, I recently created a new section on the website called "Neighborhoods".

Goal of this section is simply to show you interesting photos and videos organized by "hood" so that if you come to NYC for a visit, you could see what's around you!

I hope you'll like it!

Other interesting links:

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