Hudson Yards opening!

Hi friends!

As I'm sure you've probably read already, a few days ago a big event happened in New York: Hudson Yards, a 1 million square feet of retail space, finally opened!

Now, in my personal opinion, these are the things you should know...

Hudson Yards is the area, today called neighbor, between 30th and 34th street, and between 10th and 11th avenue.

Kind of close to Penn Station.

They basically built many brand new fantastic and tall buildings used mainly as retail / shopping mall space, even though they will also house companies like CNN, Warner Bros., l'Oreal, and so on.

Hudson Yards from the High Line

What you see above is the view from the High Line. I would really suggest to walk there not only because of the view of the Vessel but also because the High Line is really cool, especially in spring/summer/early autumn time! Let me also share with you a video taken yesterday, when the sky was bright and blue but the wind...was soo cold!

Right in the middle of Hudson Yards you will find this fantastic architectural gem, open to the public, and called the Vettel.

Hudson Yards - the Vettel

This structure can hold 1,000 people at a time, for this reason remember to get free tickets on the official website.

If you want a hint, at time of writing, you can go to their website early in the morning, and getup to 4 free tickets for the same day. I had to wait about 90 minutes in order to be able to climb it up and it was totally worth it!

During my wait, due also to the cold wind, I opted for a warm coffee in the shopping mall right in front of the Vessel.

To tell you the truth, I didn't figure out the Mall was open!

I was hanging around when Maggie extremely kindly explained me I could have gone inside and have something warm! I owe you a coffee Maggie!

Once inside, I went to the last floor and asked the restaurant manager (to be precise he was the CFO) for a favor and allow me to take a few pictures from the terrace of the restaurant (Estiatorio Milos).

He very kindly let me go there. I was sooo excited !

These are a few pictures I took from there!

View of the Vessel from the Estiatorio Restaurant

And this is also the video I recorded from there:

Eventually, my time came and I had a chance to walk all the way up to the top of the vessel.

Interesting to know, the fact it was built in the Northern part of Italy and eventually shipped to the U.S. as my friends at Untapped Cities explain very well here:

"Atop the New Hudson Yards’ Vessel Sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick".

If I have to spend literally a couple of additional words, I discover a lot of the amazing places in NY thank to the content I read on Untapped Cities, so I would really suggest you to check out their website!

These are some additional shots I took when inside the Vettel!

View from the center of the Vettel

I have to admit I've not recently being working out a lot, hence it took me quite a while to walk all the way to the top!!!

I'm sure you can do a better job than me!

Finally, this is the view when you get there. I was the sky was a little less cloudy, but I guess this gives me an additional reason to go back there again!

If you look down from the top, you can also admire the insane architecture of this construction.

I'm not an architect hence I prefer not to copy and paste other articles to describe how perfect its geometry looks, all I can say is... you have to go up there!

Very last but not least :) I also took a picture I wanted to share with you all ... with the first signs of the spring:

I hope you enjoyed this post and please don't forget to subscribe to the website if you simply want to be alerted every time I'll publish a new one!

Thank soon,


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