Japanese ice-cream?!

Well, that’s the question I asked myself when last night one of my friends was suggesting to close the night with an ice-cream at Taiyaki.

This little Japanese ice-cream shop is located around the Chinatown area and apparently this is one of the most instagrammed objects in recent days!

So I told myself ... ”come on newyork_eyes, you love sweets, you love ice-creams, you’ve got to try this!”

So after an exquisite dinner at a Chinese restaurant, me, my wife, and my friends decided to go to Taiyaki. These are two of the ice-creams we picked:

And this second one has matcha and black sesame .. 🤨😋

One of the cool things is also the fish-shapes cone, pretty delicious actually!!

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience! Now you about it in case you are in this area and in need of something sweet 😄


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