Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Hello friends, today’s post is about something that relates to a movies I’m sure you have already watched: Home Alone 2!

I used to (and actually still do) watch this movie every Christmas since somehow it makes me feel happy. One of the things me and my brother love about it is the fact it’s mainly based in NYC.

The famous hotel where Kevin lives during his stay in the city is called The Plaza Hotel, it’s at the south east corner of Central Park and basically in front of the Apple store, hence it’s location is perfect! You are a few steps away from the park, from Midtown, from Columbus Circle... yay!

This is how it looks like in a cold morning of February :)

The Plaza Hotel (Feb 9, 2019)

The entrance is usually very crowded but since I went there quite early I managed to take a shot when it wasn't too busy!

Main entrance of the Plaza Hotel

It was a little hard to go in because since few people where there the doormen would have quickly figured out I was not a guest of the hotel ... so... I still managed to get in :))) This actually happened about a month and a half ago, during the Christmas season.

As soon as you go in there is this insane Christmas tree! Look, if by any chance they stop you, it is your right to simply go in and take a photo of the tree, so don’t be intimated like I initially was!

Christmas tree as soon as you enter the Plaza Hotel

Once you’re in, you can also see a really fancy bar with additional Christmas decorations!

Bar at the Plaza Hotel

There's actually even another bar where you could go and grab a drink, but that might be a little painful for your credit card...

To say it all, I even took a video but It’s saved in y Instagram account and called “PlazaHotel”. I still have to figure out if I can download it back to my phone! For the time being though, you can see it by clicking on this link:

Now, there’s another thing about the Plaza that I think a few folks don’t know! Underneath the hotel there is something called Plaza Food Market. Can you believe I found out about it only after two years I was here?! Lol!

Anyway, in order to see it you should basically use the entrance on 59th street. The picture below shows an entrance of 59th Street but not the one of the food market :) (that will probably be part of a new future addition to this post)

Still, how beautiful is it?!

Entrance on 59th street

Also, this additional picture below was taken by me and my lovely brother about a couple of months ago, during a very rainy day. And as I keep saying, even with the rain NYC is still so charmy!

59th street and 6th Avenue

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the Plaza Food Market yet but it’s in my to-do list :)

My persona and humble suggestion is to definitely check it out since it‘s really an experience, trust me!

Last but not least, the whole area around the Plaza Hotel is incredible. For example, right in front of the hotel there's this really nice building called Squibb Building. If you manage to get there either during the sunrise or the sunset, the light of the sun will give it such an incredible color!

Well, I better stop myself otherwise I could keep going :)

Ciao for now,


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