Looking for a sunrise ASAP!

Hello my friends, this morning (Saturday Feb 9, 2019) I decided to go for a new small adventure. There's a very small tiny island located in-between Manhattan and Queens/Brooklyn, called Roosvelt Island.

A couple of interesting things about it:

- The island was privately owned until 1828, when the City of New York purchased it for $32,000. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $680,242 today. Quite a deal!

- The Roosevelt Island Tramway opened in 1976, connecting the island directly to Manhattan.

More on the concrete side, two very cool things about this island are:

1) how you can get there, that is, with the Roosvelt Island air Tramway you can get on 62nd street and 2nd Avenue.

2) The breathtaking view you have of the city once you get there!

So back to my adventure, I decided to wake up around 6am in order to be able to capture the colors of the sunrise. I have to say my effort was very well rewarded!

Roosvelt Island Tramway at 6am !

Considering the image above was taken with my simple iPhone and no filter has been added to it, not bad!

From this platform you can take what is called Tram (or Tramway) that will take you to the island.

This is how the actual Tram looks like:

Roosevelt Island Tram

To give you another idea, the picture below shows the view of the Queensborough Bridge.

Queensborough Bridge view from the Tramway

However, I really wanted to do my best and show you how cool this view was even taking some videos (remember you can find them all on my youtube channel).

I was there waiting for the Tramway to arrive and at the same time I couldn't stop from looking at the sky!

A few seconds later my dream came through :) See the video below for a nice panoramic view when I was already inside the tram. The bridge you see on your right is the Queensborough Bridge.

As soon as you get there, the Island is mainly residential (please correct me if I'm wrong). To tell you the truth I don't know all the corners of this jewel little island yet (if you have spots you'd suggest me to visit, please let me know!), but I know one thing. The view of Manhattan from the promenade is absolutely insane!

Here is another shot from my iPhone... I guess one day I'll really have to learn how to use a real camera...

The morning was really cold so after some shots of the city skyline, I decided to go back home and grab a warm coffee :)

The last picture below shows the video of the city on my way.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy weekend my friends!


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