Sunday morning walk

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Hello people, here I am with the first post of my Blog! I'm super excited!

It's been a long cold week here in NYC and I wanted to share with you the nice experience I had last Sunday early morning with my friend Henry.

We both like photography and decided to get up super early to go to see Washington Square Park and Soho slightly before 7am, when there are still not many people around.

Washington Square Park is definitely an iconic place you should all visit when you come here!

You've probably seen it in many movies, when they show people playing chess :)

It's hard to capture this beautiful square with no people so I thought you would have liked it. I also added an highlight to my account where you can see more about it.

The prominent arc you see in the photo was built in 1806 by Stanford White.

In my instagram account I also added a video / highlight called “WashingtonSquare”.

This was just the beginning though! Walking down from this square we have Thompson Street. You will probably here me saying this very often, but for some reasons I love this Street!

This street has all the classic old New York buildings and a few nice bars to check out later in the evening!

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