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Pop Fame at the Sour Mouse

Updated: Apr 15

Hey there, lovers of NYC! Zlata here, your local gal who loves to explore this city. As the city opens up, there are now more and more cool art happenings. Allow me to introduce you to one that opens on Thursday, April 22 and runs thru May 31st, 2021. Located at the Sour Mouse (a venue you might want to save to your favorites as it’s often has amazing performances, art, games – and a full bar) this month-long exhibition features new work by contemporary artists Frankie Vinci and Bree Chapin. Through vibrant colors and high-impact imagery both artists explore the brightest lights in the Pop Pantheon tinted with the often darker side of fame.

The Deets:

"Pop Fame"

On view through Monday, May 31, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Time: 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Location: Sour Mouse NYC, 110 Delancey, New York NY

About the Artists

Bree Chapin

Bree Chapin is a New York City-based visual artist fueled by caffeine and a persistent sense of

restlessness. Her work is known for its use of bright, aggressive colors, shiny metallics, and

feverish imagery. She experiments with materials including resin, paint, metallic foils, collage,

silkscreen, and plastic throughout her process. Bree’s work appears regularly in galleries and

other art spaces around New York City.

Frankie Vinci

Frankie Vinci's Rock 'n' Roll journey has led him to create the Pop Art he’s so passionate about

today. These raw-colorful Pop Art / Mixed Media pieces are reflective of his years as a

troubadour and his Rock 'n' Roll experiences performing in the iconic clubs and concert halls

from NYC to LA , all of this has become part of his tapestry as a Pop Artist. Frankie’s Pop Art is

inspired by music, fashion, film and the vintage billboards that have been distressed by weather

and time. The multi-layered backstage passes, concert posters covering the dark alleys and

backstage walls in Rock clubs like CBGB’s, all add fire to Frankie's creativity. Frankie’s artful

eye sees the beauty in subway graffiti, random paint drips, metal rust, torn paper, combined with

detailed painting and carefully composed layouts. His flair for color combinations and the

placement of iconic images over his canvases is creating a buzz in the art community.

Art by Bree Chapin & Frankie Vinci

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