Seafood lover?

Hi guys!

Andrea here from New York Eyes world!

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had last Saturday night when I was out for dinner with my friends!

If you're not a grilled-seafood lover, perhaps you won't enjoy this post, that's absolutely fair.

For what concerns me, I often find hard to find good places in NY where I could have fresh grilled seafood without spending a lot of money.

My wife is a foodie as well as a food photographer (you can see her Instagram account here: ) and a few days ago she came up with the idea to try this place called Astoria Seafood.

Just to be transparent with you, I'm not advertising this restaurant, I'm simply telling you though how fantastic their food was!

Now, I have to explain you how it works though, just in case you decide to go there.

It's a very rustic simple place, nothing fancy, so perhaps don't plan your first date there :)

Once you arrive at the restaurant, don't be scared about the long line!

You simply have to walk in, pick up the seafood you and your friends would like to eat, pay for it,... and that's it!

If you go there on a Saturday night, they may tell you to come back in about one hour, when both your table and the fish you picked is ready.

So what you could do is grab a drink in some bars close by and get ready for your delicious dinner!

I wish I had more pictures to share, but believe it or not the battery of my phone was almost dead.

I still managed to take a couple of videos :)

And this is the second one!

We tried the seabass, the calamari, the shrimps, the lemon potatos... omg... soooo goood!

Last but not least, I wanted to say thanks to my friends Brian and Cristina, Federica and Tad, and Karen (my wife!) for the fantastic night!

Talk soon,


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