Top 4 - The best speakeasies in NYC

1. Alice Restaurant

Photo by Karen Vallejo

The new lovechild restaurant, Alice, imbues the wonderland warren of classic New York rooms at 126 West 13th Street with a moody, sexy vibe. With comfort on the menu, Alice offers your favorite hand-crafted pastas, paired with the luxury of a unique Italian lobster bar. You can also order delivery (Written by Karen Rempel).

2. Employees Only

Photo by Emilie Baltz

A fortune teller greets patrons at this comfortably-worn reproduction of a prohibition speakeasy. There’s a rousing scene in front, a mix of diehard regulars and industry types who jockey for the attentions of the chef-coat–clad barkeeps. Of all of the city’s craft cocktail joints Employees Only is among the most populist, with enough nerd-baiting tipples on the menu to please aficionados without alienating everyone else. It's located in the West Village. You can also order delivery. (Written by Emma Orlow,Collier Sutter).

3. Bo Peep

Photo by Teddy Wolff

The live piano music of this underground bar is reflective of its overall triptych: cozy, cultured and curious. The Moulin Rouge motif of tufted red-velvet banquettes and flirty fringed lampshades, and the performative speakeasy style, have been wildly overdone. Thankfully, Bo Peep’s winking bedroom eyes easily shift their gaze, widening at the liquid riddles of its lavish cocktail list, or playfully eye-rolling when an oldie-but-goodie ballad tickles the ivories, or just smizing at the comfort of being both fancyfree and formal (well, formal-ish) (Written by Emma Orlow,Collier Sutter).

4. Peachy's

Photo by Gabi Porter

NO PHOTOS, NO FIGHTING, the hot-pink neon sign commands as you descend below Doyers Street to this Chinese Tuxedo–owned cocktail bar. While nothing stirred us to brawl (half the edict is a shout-out to the street’s history of gang violence), it’s much harder to resist snapping pics of the cool-kid cavern, decked out in tiger-print Gucci wallpaper, flickering candles and flower arrangements that look like they were plucked straight from a wedding at the Plaza. Indeed, the bar is all #vibes, right down to the colorful cocktails. (Written by Emma Orlow,Collier Sutter).

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